Post-Interview with Warren Lawrence

Then, there’s this.

I had a delightful interview via phone this morning with Warren Lawrence at WKNY Radio in Kingston, NY. It was fun, and informative. Certainly, Warren asked really good questions. At the time it felt like I was sailing along on a stream of excitement (without getting too goofy about it all). I can only hope I wasn’t too honest as it was 7:45 in the morning and I’m less responsible early in the day than my usual irresponsible self. The thing no one could see was my foster cat. She had jumped onto the desk and was rolling around purring like a buzz saw and occasionally meowing in that piercing “I need WD-40” voice. This whole thing was new. I had the interview on speaker because it works best for my decades-of-loud-guitars hearing. I think my cat developed a thing for Mr. Lawrence during the interview.

After the interview ended and all the listeners either got immediately online to order  Abstraction, or ran to their favorite brick and mortar book seller to buy it I sat with my foster cat’s head in one hand while gently stroking her belly fur with the other. To my surprise no blood was involved, my hands were not shredded. This behavior continued for nearly ten minutes.

Warren, thank you for taming my cat, and for having me on your show. And thank you, dear reader for listening and for purchasing Abstraction. I know you will enjoy it.

… Sam, March 23, 2023

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